Our Story

Healthy, indulgent protein bars made by two brothers in the very heart of Wisconsin, in a small town surrounded by cranberry bogs and dairy farms. Our Nutrativa Simply Healthy Protein Bars bring you the best that Mother Nature has to offer. Simply healthy, nutritious and delicious!

Since 1999, Nutrativa™ Global has created the purest of oils and natural powders from our locally grown fruit, utilizing every part of the fruit, including the skins and seeds. Because our oils and powders are cold-pressed and cold-filtered, they retain their inherent nutrients and rich natural flavors. As a result, Nutrativa™ Global has become the premier supplier of fruit oils and fruit powders throughout the globe. Our patented Cranberry Protein Powder, Cranberry Seed Oil, Blueberry Powder, Chia Seed Oil, Chia Protein Powder, Blackberry Oil, Raspberry and Strawberry Powders are essential ingredients used by many of the world's favorite brands.

Well, our time has come. Formulated with our own wholesome and healthy ingredients that we have produced for the past 19 years, we have now created our delicious Nutrativa Simply Healthy Whey Protein Bar. The Nutrativa team has been working dilligently to create the healthiest, most indulgent line of protein bars imaginable by taking advantage of the foods grown in the surrounding community. We are proud of our Wisconsin State fruit, the cranberry, which we use in our Chocolate Cranberry protein bars. We are equally proud of our dairy farmers, whose whey crisp (a by-product of making Wisconsin's famous cheese) provides the unmistakable, satisfying crunch that is the signature of our protein bars.

The results have been delicious and gratifying. Our nutrition bars are not only incredibly tasting, they are also high in protein, low in sugar and low in calories. They are a good source of fiber, low in carbs, low in fats, gluten-free, kosher and contain no preservatives. Our bars include only the best natural flavors and natural color, have no trans fats, and are GMO Free. And, they are only 170 ‑ 190 calories per bar. That's hard to beat!